Niko Noll

Niko Noll

What's better than NPS?

Learn why blindly sticking with NPS won't drive customer satisfaction. Instead, try these alternatives.

How to Ask Effective Questions in User Interviews

This article provides practical tips for improving your questioning skills by thinking like an interrogator. For all UX, PMs and everyone else wanting to talk to users.

How to: Opportunity Solution Trees

Or why mapping out the problem space is so important.

How to map the opportunity space

As a product manager, your role is to explore and

Stop Having Boring Brainstorming Sessions

Reverse brainstorming done right can break mental blockades. With that it is a great tool to generate actually new ideas instead of brainstorming on the same old ideas, you never got around to implementing.

How to clean your backlog: A Guide for Jira Lovers

How to identify and remove dead weight items, and the importance of having a documented process for backlog management.

How to roll out continuous discovery this week.

I will not start with "why discovery is important&

My Free Product Templates I use daily

Workflows, frameworks and tools are highly personal. But in case

Buy my time. Here is what you can expect.

I'm looking to drive tangible outcomes for you and your company. The intensity of a critical go-to-market, the thrill of guiding a team towards user-centricity, that's what keeps me going.

Embrace FOMO to build better products tomorrow

You should have FOMO in product. It's a feature not a bug. Diversifying your bets is how you can dance at more parties. Product sense, genius founders and CEOs, and great ideas on post-its all along the brick wall. That's what we think it is like. It isn't.