My Free Product Templates I use daily

My Free Product Templates I use daily

Workflows, frameworks and tools are highly personal.

But in case you are interested in some workflow or tooling inspiration, here's what I'm working with.

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Structuring my work with Note Taking

For my daily work, I mostly rely on Logseq. It's open source, free and stores your files locally. It therefore also is one of these old-school applications that work offline. Which, if you know EU trains, are still a necessity, if you want to get work done while on the road.

What can't be seen when starting out fresh is the benefits you'll be getting, once a mesh of information starts to form.

Having connected nodes of information over a span of 3 months or more is a real superpower. It allows you to have a searchable past. Not just by scrolling back in your email or calendar, but searchable by actual context.

Meaning if you are looking for OKR-related decisions you can now filter by #OKR and #decision and only get the overlap of these two tags.

Plus you can visualise your knowledge graph and browse it. Here is mine, after over a year of daily professional journaling.

You literally start connecting the dots.

Here is a full article I wrote on my process of taking notes to stay organised in onboarding and stakeholder management.

Reverse Brainstorming

I'm still waiting for my Miro Template to be approved (which includes a lot more helpful instructions). But you can just use this generic one for now:

Reverse Brainstorming Template for Teams | Miro
Use our Reverse Brainstorming Template to brainstorm problems, instead of solutions, with your team. Get started for free!

Reverse Brainstorming with a twist. A 5 step process that has generated genius (borderline dangerous ideas) from otherwise sleepy teams.

Here's how you can try it too:
- Copy the miro template.
- Follow the steps I lay out in my Reverse Brainstorming Article.