Buy my time. Here is what you can expect.

Buy my time. Here is what you can expect.
Staring into the distance (as seen in the image above) will not be billed.

In short, my absolute best. I'm not interested in slow onboarding processes and low expectations. That's why I'm a freelancer and consultant.

I'm looking to drive tangible outcomes for you and your company. The intensity of a critical go-to-market, the thrill of guiding a team towards user-centricity, that's what keeps me going. And I mean that in a non-ironic way.

My focus over the last year has been product discovery and validation. Meaning, I help out with the earlier parts of the product development cycle.


Simply put, most companies do not struggle with delivery. They are struggling to find out what to build, and most importantly what not to invest in.

Ship more user value for less $ or €.

My clients and I realised that using me in both

(a) hands-on discovery work, as well as

(b) coaching the existing team towards more user-centricity and faster iterations

brings with it the highest leverage for long-lasting impact.

Does that sound like something your company could benefit from? Let's get on a 25min call to see if we are a fit.

That being said, I studied Computer Science, I still code on most weekends. I love delivery challenges.

Here are some testimonials from real people. Feel free to reach out to them to verify.

What others say about my work

I've had the honour to work with some great people. Here's what they said after I delivered the results for them. Disclaimer: These are all real people and I didn't pay for any of these testimonials.

Thomas Gläser, Director Product at New Work SE

Niko is a clever and passionate Product Manager who is always looking for the best possible solution which already creates value for our customers, keeping costs and effort in mind prioritizing. Niko is a true maker always aiming for fast delivery and learning from failures.

Dan Popescu, Head of Product at 2trde

Niko's skills reach well beyond his home-turf of Product Ideation & Discovery. He is an expert in Agile coaching, as well as in internal and external stakeholder management. Whether it's product, process, or project management, one can always count on Niko to deliver.

In addition to his professional abilities, Niko's friendly personality makes him a pleasure to work with. As a consultant, he hits the ground running, being the plug and play version of a senior product manager. If managed well from the company side, his onboarding will be measured in hours, not weeks.

Jonas Schenk, CPO at Nioomi

Niko has strong strategic design capabilities where he masters facilitation of user research and co-creation, turning user insights into innovative design concepts. At Nioomi, he helped us to realize a discovery project to understand new market segments. He greatly understands key methodologies for all aspects of the product design process. Niko delivered results quickly and made smart decisions to improve our product. I would happily recommend him to any team!

See more client voices on my LinkedIn Profile.

If you are working on a challenging product and need someone that drives results quickly - that's me.
Happy to jump on a call with you to see if we are a fit. Just book 25min with me here.