Visualise Concepts in Product Management
Storytelling is continuously mentioned as one of the most important skills in Product Management. Cool, but how do I get better at it? Here’s a very practical aspect of storytelling you can implement today. It has helped me communicate how to get to mature product discovery processes. Hope it helps
Why You Should Speculate
tl;dr Speculation is making an educated guess. It is an opinionated take of how the future will look. A clear invalidation of this educated guess exists, meaning that one can know when the opinion was wrong. Speculation therefore needs to be differentiated from idealistic hopes for the future. In
Inception: Doing Discovery on Discovery
While the vast majority of PMs/UXRs and Product Designers would love to do more Product Discovery there are significant hurdles, namely buy-in…
Discovery Dive: Document Processing
Come along to learn about how I do product discovery tactically. And learn about this new AI product segment along the way.