A map to help you choose your research method

A map to help you choose your research method
Photo by JOHN TOWNER / Unsplash

That's it. You are ready, you have your research goal, you have your research questions, you know the user type you'll study. But what method is the most appropriate?

Totally normal to have your favorite set of method you use. In fact, the State of Research 2023 from user interviews shows that 1:1 interviews is the most common research method used by researchers.

However ☝🏼 there are methods that will bear more fruits than other. Why spend time talking to people if you actually want to see how they use your product?

My co-founder and I prepared this map that will help you narrow down the number of options. Steal it!

The main questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. "Do you want to know what people do or what people say?"
  2. "Do you want to know the reason behind or the amount of users?"

Take your research questions and check on the map how you can answer them - and let me know if it was helpful at all!